Meta is being sued by the Dfinity Foundation for logo infringement.

May 06, 2022


Facebook’s parent company Meta is being sued by Switzerland-based nonprofit company  Dfinity Foundation for the infringement over their infinity logo.

Meta filed a trademark application with the USPTO in March 2022. Dfinity's legal team claims that the Meta logo is too similar to their own trademark. Dfinity uses the mathematical logo for the concept of infinity. Dfinity has also acquired registration of the logo in similar business areas.

“Meta and Dfinity seek to attract the same users, namely those who are looking for an innovative and different internet experience, created by users, for users,” said the lawsuit,

Adding: “Further, both Meta and Dfinity utilize the same marketing channels such that consumers will likely encounter the marks through those same channels. Despite knowledge of Dfinity’s mark, Meta chose to proceed with its application to obtain registration in some of the same or similar areas in which Dfinity has already obtained registration for its mark.”

Dfinity’s legal team continued:

“The similarities between Meta’s mark and Dfinity’s mark, and Meta’s intended use of its mark in the same space and through the same customer base as Dfinity, will cause confusion because consumers will mistakenly believe that Meta and its services are connected with, sponsored by, affiliated with, or related to Dfinity, or that Dfinity and its services are connected with, sponsored by, affiliated with or related to Meta.”

Dfinity firmly believes that Meta knowingly infringed their logo and their lawyers claimed this confusion already had caused a loss of revenue and might suffer reputational harm if the alleged discrepancy continues.

Infinity is the concept of something that is unlimited. The symbol for infinity, ∞, was invented by the English mathematician John Wallis in 1655.

Dfinity’s suing meta is not on just the similar infinity logo used by meta but for getting a trademark that offers similar goods and services including computer software incorporating blockchain technology.



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