Trademark Benefits & advantages

Several benefits of using trademark

There are so many benefits of using the trademark. Suppose if you think you have a unique business idea or logo which represents your business identically. You must register with a trademark, and trademark law protects your right and helps in trademark infringement.

Establish brand name:

Trademark helps to establish a brand name and create brand value among customers. People like to connect with the brand to make sure the product is quality.

Standalone identity:

Trademark helps to differentiate your product and service from the competitors and add business value against the public.

Valuable business assets:

It is considered an asset even if you are not thinking of running a business for a longer period; you can transfer it or even sell it. Trademark registration is valid for ten years, and one can encase it.

Following things cannot be trademark:

Few things always keep in mind before deciding mark for the business are listed below

  • Name of the Cities, religious book and God name
  • No one can register a trademark for the surname
  • Trademark registration is not applicable for a generic name such as Scooter, television and fridge.
  • Any name of a government post and constitutional name
  • Any geographical location 

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