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Muthirai.com is the intellectual patent services coordinating wing of the well known Chennai based logo and brand designing company, Nikitha.com

Muthirai in Tamil synonymously refers to identity, legal seal, registration, stamping etc. This division was floated with an intention to offer high-end quality design services in logo and brand for the clients, and simultaneously fulfill their requirement for Patent / Trademark process. Muthirai.com is poised to uphold ethical values of creativity leading to business identity and aggressively voices to safeguard all business articles from theft of intellectual property. The clients have a relaxed time right from the time they ordered for the design services of logo and brand, or tag line or registration of portal name. It is so because they can walk out with high quality services at competitive rates and with a satisfaction of availing the laborious trademark registration under one roof. The spectrum of IPR activities are TrademarksPatents, Copyrights and Designs.

It is engaged to legally emphasize all design work including words, logo designs, pictures, ideas, visuals and illustrations. The primary purpose is to provide a comprehensive legal solution to business clients and to protect them by offering services in patent, trademark registration and copyrights of their professional and corporate practice. Through this the clients feel hassle free with the much needed support ranging from designing solution to copyright solution. 

At Muthirai.com, a team of highly qualified legal members and Patent Registration Agents look after the necessary drafting, filing, registration and patent process with regards to intellectual property rights. They are specialised in Registration, legal protection and management of trademarks, brands, logos and trade names.

Get your logo and brand designed to international standard and immediately get it safeguarded under IPR Act. No more sweating, no more running from pillar to post. Muthirai.com makes your work easy.

Walk in with thoughts, remain a satisfied client ever. Carry on your business with peace, for Muthirai gives a ring of protection under Intellectual property rights.


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Our trademark registration consultants specialize in every aspect of trademark registration , beginning from name availability search, trademark filing, examination of trademark report, extending to trademark objection replies , re-examination and trademark hearings. With more than 2 decades of expertise in this field, we guide you through the entire process until your trademark is successfully registered !

And that’s exactly why we confidently affirm that Muthirai is your all-in-one solution for all your trademark requirements.

Get your rights to protect your intellectual property

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