MSME registration

All you need to know about MSME registration

Is the size of your business going to be small? To ensure a hassle-free work, you should know a few details about MSME and its registration beforehand.

What is MSME?

By MSME, we mean the enterprises which fall under the Micro, Small and Medium Development Act of 2006. Such an organization usually does not have a big budget, but help in unemployment control. Further, this sector contributes approximately 8% of the nation's GDP.

What is MSME registration?

In simple words, it is a kind license provided by the government that helps you to initiate your business. To register under MSME, you need to apply via the government portal, Udyam registration.

Further, it will be best if you know that such registrations were called Udyog Aadhaar. It is a unique identification number, which is comprised of twelve-digits. Recently the name has changed, and now it is called, Udyam Aadhaar. You can apply in both online and offline modes.

Why should I register under MSME?

If you register under MSME, not only you'll be validated by the government, but you'll also get some added benefits in return. The benefits of MSME registration are as follows -

  • Concession in electricity bills
  • 50% reduction in total fees for filing trademarks
  • Loans without guarantee or low-interest rates on loan
  • The exemption under the direct tax laws

Why you should register your MSME organization with Muthirai?

To build your company without any hassle, you also need to focus on various aspects, such as logo, trademark, etc. For such cases, you can avail help from us, as we are one of the most reliable agencies out there. We, the Muthirai organization does not only have a high success rate domestically, but have also helped various organizations abroad. We have over 20 years of experience and have completed around 5000 projects; hence, you can be assured of our authenticity. By opting Mutirai you'll not only avail a simple MSME registration process, but will also get legal solutions from us.


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Why should you register with Muthirai?


You can not avail the ISO 9001:2015 standard if you don't have a registered organization, and will not be considered eligible for international trade. In such a scenario, Muthirai comes to your aid. Our Chennai based organization has years of experience and an impeccable success rate. Hence, we can help you to get ISO standards and will perform all the necessary work to make your company credible.

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