Trademark Hearing

All you need to know about trademark hearing

Entrepreneurs are subjected to go through various legal procedures to make their business exclusive and official. One of such processes is a trademark. In simple words, the trademark is an intellectual property, which consisted of different signs, symbols, to denote the exclusive source of the product or service.

However, such a legal process can be subjected to objection on certain grounds, which is known as trademark objection. Such issues can be resolved by undergoing a few formalities. You or your employed agent is required to appear before a trademark registrar for a hearing. If you are facing such issues while initiating your business, then it would be best if you go through the following sections -

What is trademark hearing?

If your trademark is faced with objection by a third-party, your trademark may not be approved by the registrar. If you can provide valid reasons and data regarding how your trademark meets every criterion for approval, then the registrar will resolve the discrepancy through a legal hearing.

The procedure of trademark hearing -

Once you get the notice of the hearing, you or the appointed agency is subjected to present before the registrar on the aforementioned date and time. On this specific date, you are required to submit a few documents, on which along with case laws and pieces of evidence, the registrar will decide to allow or deny your trademark.

The documents that should be furnished in a trademark hearing -

Depending on the nature of the objection, your documents may differ. However, the following are a few papers which are needed in each case -

  • Hearing notice
  • Power of Attorney to be executed in favor of trademark attorney
  • Additional submissions proof of business
  • Examination report
  • Letter of authorization
  • Affidavit of usage

In the end, it can be said that by furnishing the required documents and providing valid reasoning, you can resolve such issues with the trademark. The registrar will let you know about his decision within a few days so that you can proceed forward in your niche.


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