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Copyright is a collection of rights granted to a person who invents an original work such as a film, song, invention, and any literature work or, in other words, it is an intellectual property that provides rights to produce a creative work again.

The term copyright describes itself if we break the term copy + right, which confers the sole right to restrict the working copy. Copyright only gives the right to reproduce the Work by itself, or a person can copy and use the job only after giving permission. Let us understand by example, suppose a lyricist first makes a song. Someone wants to remix that song; Remix making is possible only after obtaining legal permission from the original songwriter. It also includes protecting your Work with copyright, one can collect funding, and the copyright holder can collect royalties if another person uses copyrighted Work. One thing that needs to be understood is that it is not true that only published works can be protected by copyright law, but un-published Work we also protect with copyright.

The Copyright law is applicable on the following things, which are listed below.

  • Writing work: books, articles, blogs, poems, essays, reviews, songs, movies, and particular broadcast information
  • Website content including website content, website text, images, graphics, the complete layout of the website
  • Computer programs such as personal, entertainment, and business
  • Moving image: any movie script, podcast, and TV program
  • Music: Music includes both lyrics, instrumental music that has been pre-recorded or performed at any level
  • One can protect artistic works such as paintings, drawings, graphics, maps, and charts

As per the US Copyright, copyright is not entitled to protect any idea, fact, system, and operation method because of its abstraction. For copyright law, it must be accompanied by some concrete expression.

How copyright works:

Copyright differentiates from others because of its creation automatically. When anyone creates a copyrighted work, a dramatic, artistic, and musical-work, it is unnecessary to register your original Work for copyright. Once you develop a piece of content, it is automatically treated as a copyrighted work. But both the Canadian and USA governments suggest registration work for copyright for availing additional protection layer. The original author can use copyright as proof of ownership in court on a copyright infringement scenario. This protection extends internationally, and, like intellectual property, copyright is applied to those countries in countries with copyright-treaties with the United States and Canada. Countries copyright relationship with the USA exists in Circular 38A, known as the Copyright Relationship with the USA.

The Copyright Term:

If we talk about the length of the copyrighted Work, then the copyrighted works for seventy years in the author's life. If the result is a joint work, it will be preserved for the last surviving person's death and another seventy years. Anonymous and pseudonymous Work are protected for another 95 years from first publication or up to 120 years before production. Once the protection period is over, the Work is available to the public domain.

Most popular copyright infringement case:

A dispute between Apple and Microsoft that is one of the notable cases came to light in 1988. Apple asserted that the Mac operating system graphical user interface was protected for copyright. Microsoft has used some aspect of that GUI for the window, which is a violation of authority. The case became more complicated when another company Xerox filed a lawsuit against Apple, stating that Apple used certain aspects of the Xerox graphical user interface in the Mac operating system. The court dismissed Apple's copyright infringement case for the following reasons Is done.

  • Apple licensed some GUI aspects of the operating system with the Microsoft
  • Xerox claimed that other GUI elements had secretly taken from the Xerox GUI, which violates copyright law. So, it does not assume the origin.
  • Although GUI look is intangible. So it can't be copyrighted

Based on the above points, the court comes up with the statement that Apple cannot claim copyright protection. If you are looking for copyright law for creative Work or thinking that someone might violate copyright law, start checking whether you are tangible good and the outcome.

Penalty for violation of copyright law:

As per the nature of the crime, fines for violating copyright law can be as high as $ 1,50,000 in US dollars and $ 10,000,00 with court costs in Canada. Instead of it, if any items that infringe copyright law may be harmed, and the accused may have spent time in prison due to this copyright violation.


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    What kind of work can be copyrighted?
  • All kinds of literary compositions.
  • Artistic works.
  • Audiovisual works.
  • Soundtracks and sound recordings.
  • Media works.
  • Architectural works.
  • Choreography work.
  • Which material types can you work with?

Frequently Asked Questions

Copyright registration is valid for 60 years from the date of publication.

The penalty of Copyright infringement comes with both fine and imprisonment. The fine amount will be Rs. 20000. Under Indian Law are not less than six months and up to three years imprisonment.

The term copyright describes itself if we break the term copy + right, which confers the sole right to restrict the working copy. Copyright only gives the right to reproduce the Work by itself, or a person can copy and use the job only after giving permission.

  • Sale certificate.
  • Copy of vehicle insurance.
  • Identity proof.
  • Proof of residence.
  • Customs Clearance Certificate (important for imported vehicles).
  • Challan receipt.

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