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Is it mandatory to check the name availability of the brand before I invest in designing the logo for the brand?

It is not mandatory but it is advisable to check the brand name availability where if the brand is not available, the brand name has to be changed and the investment towards the brand logo prior to brand name the search would be a waste.

Will my trademark be applicable Internationally if I register in India?

No. If the brand is registered in India it is only applicable in India. For each country, the brand has to be applied separately

What is the difference between TM and ®?

TM is the symbol used to denote that the brand is applied for a trademark and is in process of registration. ® is the symbol used to denote that the brand is registered.

What is the government fee for a trademark registration?

The Government fee for each application to be applied is INR: 4500. Throughout the process, there are various stages that might or might not demand government fees based on the given situation of the brand under trademark registration.

e.g: To change the user date there needs an amendment to be filed with a government fee of INR 900.

How many classes are there is a trademark?

There are 45 classes.1 to 34 are categorized for manufacturers, 35 to 45 are categorized for service-based businesses.

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Can a trademark be renewed indefinitely?

Yes, trademarks can be renewed indefinitely

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