Patent Registration

Importance of Patent Registration

Patent registration is an exclusive right to protect the new invention of a Patentee. This is given by the government(Patent office). According to patent law, an invention can be patented under three requirements.

  • Novelty
  • Inventive step
  • Industrial Application

Inventors will get a patent for new products or processes. This patented invention will be useful for common people. Using Patent registration, inventors can sell or import the product or product-related information. The registered patent is authorized only by the registered user. Once the patent is registered, It will be valid for 20 years.

Document requirement for patent registration While filing the Patent Application, the applicant can file provisional or complete specifications. Below are the main documents required for Patent Registration.

  • Patent application in Form-1
  • Inventors only have the right to apply for a patent. The proof can be an endorsement at the end of the application.
  • Complete specification or Provisional specification.
  • Complete specification in Form 2 within 1 year from the specification filing.
  • The statement and undertaking under section 8 in Form-3, if necessary.
  • Declaration as to inventorship in Form for application with complete specification.
  • Submit the power of attorney(Form-26) if the application is being registered by a Patent agent.
  • Priority documentsá¹£ must be filled in the below cases.
  • Convention Application (under Paris Convention).
  • PCT National Phase Application wherein requirements of Rule 17.1 have not been completed.
  • If the application is regarding a biological material, then the applicant should submit the permission from the National Biodiversity Authority.
  • All the patent applications should bear the signature of the applicant or authorized person or patent attorney along with their name and date.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A patent gives exclusive rights to the inventor. An Unauthorized person couldn't sell the patent product. To increase the revenue of the business, the company can patent the product and sell it. Patents are extremely valuable for small businesses to expand their market share.

The patent is an exclusive right given by the government(patent office) to the inventor for his/her invention for some time.

An invention should be useful to society. If the invention is harmful to society, a patent will be provided. The invention should be unique and should not patent elsewhere in the world.

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