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Muthirai offers the most reliable trademark registration services in Chennai

We provide you the complete protection of your business. More and more companies are becoming aware of their right to protect the trademark. Trademark experts in Muthirai see to that the whole business is protected and hence providing you the safest business.

Our primary purpose is to provide a comprehensive legal solution to business clients and to protect them by offering services trademark registration and copyrights of their professional and corporate practice. At, a team of highly qualified legal members and Patent Registration Agents look after the necessary drafting, filing, registration and patent process with regards to intellectual property rights. They are specialized in Registration, legal protection and management of trademarks, brands, logos and trade names. Be happy that you have safe trademark.

Trademark is a sign, symbol, alphabet, word, logo or design used by a company, organisation or an individual as a mark of identity in the market. Trademark is also known as service mark. It is unique and the company which has registered it has the sole authority to use it for business and other promotional purposes. The registration application forms can be filled up by the eligible candidates such as an individual, partnership, corporate bodies, trusts, etc., who own the trademark. It is also advisable that you register your trademark or brand name as soon as they are coined. Stitch in time saves nine. Muthirai is happy to assist you in the process of both coining innovative brand names and the registering of the Trademarks. You can save your time with us because you get both in one place.

Trademark registration protects your company or organisation from being misused by any third party. Evidently it also helps protect your business. Trademark is the sole identity in the market a company has and it has to be protected and safeguarded. There are strict rules governing the trademark registrations in Chennai, India. Adhering to the Trademark rules in force we at Muthirai take up the registration services. We are very transparent in the services we offer. There are no hidden charges. Our rates are nominal and will suit all types of clients.

Count on us for the complete business protection. We have a team of highly qualified professionals like advocates, registration experts and registration agents. All the legal support is provided to the clients regarding the trademark registration and protection. We also look after the necessary drafting, filing and registration processes, which are very integral in the registration process. Specialized registration personnel will be very happy to assist you in the legal protection of the trademarks, brands, logos, trade names.

Once your trademark is registered with Muthirai in Chennai you can be free of worries of your trademark and business. Along with the domestic trademark registration we extend our service to the international clients, who want to register their trademark in Chennai. In short we provide complete legal protection to your company, organization, service ,etc and make you play a safe game in the tough market.


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