Strong Reasons To Trademark A Brand Logo

Jun 13, 2024

Are you planning to start your business and interested in preserving your brand logo? Muthirai has good news for you. We bring you the best protection that you need for your brand name and secure its legal protection. Protect your brand through Logo Registration. Your brand logo represents who you are. Make sure that it belongs to you only through a trademark.

There are various reasons to trademark your logo and a few covered in this blog.

1. Protect your asset

A brand helps a business to communicate with its target people, customers, and stakeholders and nourishes the trust related to its products/services. Since a brand name can influence the buying decisions of consumers, you should protect your brand logo through trademark filing.

2. Gives you exclusive rights

If you have registered and trademarked the logo, you gain the exclusive rights to use it for your brand. So no one else can copyright the logo of your brand without your permission. Since the brand protection extends through trademarked logos, you can avoid the chances that any other business gets profited by using your brand name/logo.

3. You ONLY own the brand

If you do not raise your right through the trademark or logo, you leave the chance to some others to use it. So, you could leave your brand to your competitor. This means you lose your valuable asset that supports you in the marketplace.  One of the major benefits of logo registration of a logo through a trademark is you make it clear that you are the sole owner.

4.  Build Brand Recognition

Since the logo is connected with your brand, through a trademark, you can build brand recognition. When seeing your brand’s logo, people will immediately identify your brand and your brand will grow.

If your brand is protected, you increase its monetary value, giving a positive signal to the investors. 

Never get into the complexities of trademarks! The team at Muthirai  has the best attorney for trademark hearings who can make it easy to trademark your logo and help in establishing your brand in the market.

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