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Apply Trademark Online

Muthirai trademark consultancy simplified your trademark filing process using our TM software, designed and developed by our IT wing - Nikitha Web Development. it is a completely online process, fill your trademark within 5 simple steps, using our online trademark registration tool you can track your trademark application process up to trademark registration.

Trademark filing procedures (steps by step)

  • Trademark search
  • POA Documentation
  • TM Document approval
  • TM Filling
  • Acknowledgment number
₹8,500 ₹7,000

(Including Trademark search, Government Fee, Documentation and Reply to examination report) #There are no hidden charges.

Patent Registration

Patent Filing, international patent registrations and domestic patent registrations are offered to our clients at affordable price ranges.



Copyright protects a creator's creative work and the ownership . Copyright registration protects and alarms the world that you have got the required copyright protection under the Copyright laws in force in the country.


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