Karnataka High Court Revokes Boman Irani's Acquisition of Trademark for Yezdi Motorcycles

Jan 06, 2023


Karnataka High Court has canceled the trademark acquisition of the iconic Yezdi motorcycle by Boman Irani, its rightful heir. This comes as a reminder to all entrepreneurs and business owners to take the trademark protection of their brands seriously.  Trademarks are an important tool for protecting the reputation and identity of a brand. It is the first step in building goodwill and gives the business exclusive rights over the name or logo associated with it. Without a trademark, business owners risk their brand being used without permission or without receiving compensation, resulting in a loss of revenue.  The case of Yezdi is an unfortunate example of what can happen when a business fails to protect its brand with a trademark. Although the heir to the brand, Boman Irani, held legal ownership of the Yezdi trademark, the court ruled that it had been acquired without proper paperwork. As a result, the trademark was canceled and the brand’s reputation was damaged.

This case proves the importance of protecting your brand’s identity. It is not enough to simply own a brand’s name or logo; business owners must take the necessary steps to protect their brand with a trademark. With the help of an experienced trademark lawyer, business owners can ensure their brand is registered correctly and is well-protected. This will prevent any potential infringement and help create a strong, recognizable brand identity that will stand the test of time. Additionally, providing clear and concise guidelines for how the brand can be used and by whom is also important. This will help ensure that the brand is used appropriately and will help protect the brand’s image in the eyes of its customers. Ultimately, it is essential to take the necessary steps to protect your brand’s identity and ensure that it is not misused or infringed upon. 

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