Cosmetics Brand Name - Best practise getting your brand acceptable for trademark

Apr 19, 2022


Superior Makeup    (quality)
Gorgeous glam       (suggestive but not unique)
Asha Cosmetics      (descriptive)
Eticlow                     (available)

Superior Makeups

Superior makeup represents the quality of their service. A trademark should not be confusing or lead to doubts regarding the quality or nature of the products or service.

Gorgeous glam

Gorgeous glam is suggestive, but not unique. Creating a brand requires a lot of research on checking whether the brand can be replicated and is still relevant. It is a no go for that type of brand name. Gorgeous can be added as a tagline and also suggest that the cosmetics they sell will make you gorgeous, which lacks uniqueness and is easily replicable with valid reasons. You may get the trademark registration but exclusive rights might not be given by the trademark registrar to that specific word.

Asha Cosmetics

A surname cannot be trademarked unless it has sufficient proof that the name has acquired distinctiveness through long-term usage. A lot of people might have a similar surname and that might cause confusion and is hard to stop infringement of the brand because of the lack of distinctiveness.


Eticlow is a coined word invented from a combination of two words Etiquette and Glow. Coined word is an invented word. You can invent a word by combining two or more already existing words. Coined words are highly suggested to apply for a trademark as it has a good chance of acceptance without objection hearing or third party opposition. 


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