9 benefits of Trademark Registration

Jan 12, 2019


 In this article, the benefits of Trademark Registration were described with a brief explanation.

Exclusive rights:

Trademark registration usually gives the right to the proprietor to use it, in terms of goods or services. It originally brought authentication to the product and it is the important reason for trademark registration. A trademark registration gives the right to infringement.

Hypothecation security:

The trademark registration includes logo registration, design registration, and patent registration to ensure complete security which normally helps for security reasons as well loan facilities. The logo registration and design registration can give special attention to your brand among the customers.

Intangible property:

Trademark registration can give a separate as well as independent existence to your brand.  It brings your reputation to your products in the market. It forms goodwill for your business and drives the attention of the customers


You can get the registration for your trademark through trademark. It gives the complete license for your products with constitutional rights.


A registered trademark, which can include logo registration, design registration, and patent registration can be easily transferred. 


Trademark registration prevents other traders from using your registered trademarks. You can find authorized registration marks on most eligible products.

Use in proceedings:

It gives the validity of the product and its rights by registration. According to the law, a registered trademark is evidence to predict the originality of the product.

The right to use the symbol ® or “R”

Once your brand is registered you can easily use the standard symbol.

The right to foreign territories

The registration of the brand helps to protect your brand in the overseas market.

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