What happens if we don't lodge or pay our return on time?

If we don't lodge or pay our return on time penalties are generated automatically by the system which results in  failure to lodge. There will be a late lodgment penalty of 25% with late payment penalty of 20%, and an additional 5% penalty for every month of default. When accounting for VAT registration on the time of supply, this would depend on whether you have done your VAT registration on a cash or accrual basis. For cash basis, the time of supply is when you receive or pay cash. But for accrual basis, the general rule on the time of supply following a tax invoice is issued by the supplier or any payment which is received by the supplier; when delivery of goods takes place. For example if an invoice is issued for a purchase and payments are to be done within 30 days, the time of supply would be the date of the invoice and not the payment date.

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