What do you understand by Trademarks?

Jun 02, 2022


A trademark is a sign, word, design, or emblem registered under a trademark registry by a company or an individual to represent their goods and services. You can avoid infringement or legally battle an infringer by having evidence of first use of the brand. Trademark registration helps the brand to have legal proof of ownership.

What are brand and logo?

Brand/Logo is a sign, symbol or emblem used to distinguish the source of origin. It is used for the identification of the specific quality of the product or service and represents goodwill and the niche of the business. Using a brand for any business for a long period of time can create brand loyalty among customers. A unique brand or logo will leave a lasting impression on the customers' experience.

Muthirai in Tamil synonymously refers to identity, legal seal, registration, stamping, etc. is poised to uphold ethical values of creativity leading to the business identity and aggressively voices to safeguard all your business intellectual property.

Trademark registration is very inevitable in all business concerns. A trademark will mean a name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image, or a combination of these elements. A registered trademark is the exclusive property of the owner of the trademark. There are trademark rules and laws to protect trademarks in India. Muthirai is a trademark registration company in Chennai. Muthirai offers all the solutions for the trademark requirements in Chennai.

Muthirai has been in the trademark registration for many successful years being one of the reliable trademark registration concerns in Chennai. Along with trademark registration services we do all the needful for the company registration. We also render our service of government plot approvals. Our whole team of professionals, who have been in the field for quite some time, are very clear about their goals. We consider our nature of work as a service. It is very apt to say "Trademark Registration Services."

Our IP experts simplify your trademark registration process
Protect your brand name, logo, slogan & brand design with our trademark experts.

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