Trademark Registration For Your YouTube Channel – How Is It Important?

Feb 13, 2023

These days we can see there are a lot of passionate people posting content on social media pages. Being the third most popular social media website, YouTube has its vital place among them. Trademarks are significant for any business and now this trademark filing becomes also important for your YouTube channel. Know it here.

We hope this article will give you inevitable information on the topic. If you look for support for registering a trademark for your channel, Muthirai is the right partner.

YouTube channel trademark registration

Creativity is certainly an asset and hence it should be protected well. Your YouTube channel also falls under here.

Is there any specific law related to trademark brand registration on YouTube channels and other social media? Yes. As per the Trademark Act,1991 and Application under section 18(1) of this Act, an individual wishing to claim the proprietorship of a trademark can file with the Registrar in the recommended manner for the registration of the trademark. Though the classes of these registrations vary, still they fall under class 38.

Why should your YouTube channel have trademark registration?

  • Ensuring your channel name and logo have the trademark assures that you keep contenders away from taking and using a comparable form of your channel’s intellectual properties.
  • Allows the watchers to confide in your image
  • Enables the owners of the YouTube channel to take legal action if someone uses the name or logo of the channel.
  • Trademark avoids the happening of any third party using a similar name or logo which probably misleads the viewers.
  • A trademarked channel will give the viewers the assurance of trusting the brand.

Are you interested in filing logo registration or trademarking the name of your YouTube channel? Muthirai trademark is the ultimate solution for you.
Once you have decided to secure your substance, it is the best move to hire the experts in the industry for your peace of mind.

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