Reasons For Trademark Objection. And the Necessity for Trademark Objection Reply

Feb 22, 2024

You have applied the trademark registration and waiting for its clearance. You must know the further details too. Not all the trademark registration application will go through the trademark process. At times, trademark objection can also happen. Thus, it is essential to know the reasons for trademark objection and tips for trademark objection reply.

After submitting the trademark application, you will get to know the status of the application in few days. There are several reasons for trademark objection.

The Trademark Name Might Already be in Existence: Sometimes, this scenario can happen. The applicant is unaware about the existence of the trademark name. As the result, they might pick the same trademark name for their business too. These will surely lead to the objection of the trademark. Hence choosing the alternate name for the business is required to overcome this situation.

Forgetting to Submit the TM-48 Form Along with Trademark Application: As mentioned, the form TM-48 must be submitted with the trademark application. At times, the trademark agent might forget to follow the procedure carefully. These will also lead to trademark objection. The trademark attorneys must be experienced to overcome the problem. At Muthirai, we have well-experienced and knowledgeable trademark attorneys who can deal with all the aspects of trademark application submission.

The other common reasons for trademark application objection would be goods/services category is not mentioned properly, incorrect information including telephone number, address and category. Here, the trademark objection reply plays a huge role. Via the appropriate reply for trademark application objection, you can explain the reasons for the same to the trademark application examiner.

Here, the applicant will get the opportunity to defend the objection process. They can explain and claim for the trademark application that has been submitted. If the objection reply is valid then it will be taken into consideration. Through the help of trademark lawyers, one can produce the relevant documents as the proof to the trademark examiner. You can try to confirm that the trademark application is genuine via the proof submitted.

At Muthirai, get assistance for trademark objection reply or any other trademark related queries.

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