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Sep 27, 2022

Merreo is a pre-hiring assessment platform that is a proper SAAS platform for pre-hiring assessment with multiple-level stakeholders having access to several complex features that deliver a strong and unique value proposition—ultimately wanting to make better and more objective hiring practices accessible for all companies.


Main Features

1) Pre-Hiring Test Stack

2) Cognitive Hiring Tests (Aptitude screening tests)

3) Personality Hiring Tests

4) Hard Skills tests

5) Tool Expertise tests

6) Programming Language tests

7) Language tests

8) Merreo Screening tools

9) Anti-cheating features

Bonus Features

  • ADAPTIVE pre-employment tests - The candidate gets a medium-level question at the start, and based on his performance, the test gets more difficult or easier.
  • Quick link sharing
  • Individual PDF Reports
  • Excel & CSV candidate data download
  • White Label assessment window - with your branding.

Our test repertoire includes Critical Thinking, Spatial Visualization, Math thinking, MATLAB, C Programming, HTML, PHP, Solidworks, FIGMA, Finance, Marketing, & much more. In addition, the recruiter can create his/her questions to be appended to the assessment.

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