Monster Energy drink wins a lawsuit against VPX sports.

Aug 07, 2021


Monster Energy drink wins a lawsuit against VPX sports.

In 2019 VPX Sports filed a lawsuit against Monster at Fort Lauderdale.
VPX Sports claimed that Monster copied the black background, similar elements such as brightly colored designs and logo style from the cans of their energy drink "Bang." Monster company denied all the claims. They said it was VPX who copied their original 2002 design elements.

They continued that VPX company's "Bang" energy drink can design was merely a refinement of the original design of Monster energy drink cans. U.S. District Judge Roy Altman stated that it simply wasn't close, after a nine-day bench trial. "If Monster were attempting to pass Reign off as Bang, it did an exceptionally poor job of it," Altman said. "VPX also failed to show Monster's drink was likely to cause confusion with Bang Energy", Altman said.

He also said. "We have virtually no evidence of confusion. VPX's actual confusion witnesses were never actually confused. And VPX's survey — which probably should've been excluded before trial — was probative of absolutely nothing,"

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