Event Based Compliances

Annual Statutory Compliances

  • Alteration/change in the name of the company.
  • Change in authorized capital.
  • Transfer of Shares from and between Indians, NRI, PIO, foreign nationals or entity
  • Change of Main object of the company.
  • New allotment or issue of shares and related compliances.
  • Starting of a new business and addition being made to Main Object Clause.
  • The appointment and resignation of Directors.
  • The appointment of Directors and their resignation
  • Changes in the address of registered office of the company; within the same city, from one city to another and from one state to another.

The take-over or purchase of management

  • The change in management, ownership and other related diligence services.
  • The amalgamation, acquisition and merger of companies.

Representative services

  • Acting as a representative for appearing before the CLB or Company Law Board, Registrar Of Companies, Regional Director and Central Government.

Business closure

  • Ensuring the company closure is according to Section 560 of Company Act.
  • Making sure to ensure smooth winding up of the company.
  • Winding-up of Company.
  • Closure of the Company under Section 560.



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