Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

Put simply, a trademark is known to be an Intellectual Property belonging to an enterprise, business, or brand. A company can trademark not only its brand name but various taglines used, words, slogans, or colors as well.

When a company claims trademark rights for a brand name, it's like putting an identifier source for it. Trademarks are entitled to the image of the company and are beneficial in the promotion of brand quality to its owner.

Several renowned brands or trademarks indicate the supreme quality of their products and help to build trust among customers. Suppose, a company registers its name as Companies Act. It isn't sufficient to protect them against the various threats as other competitors may use similar phrases and marks and might cause damage to your business.

In case you acquire a trademark, your brand claims the exclusive right for a particular brand name, tagline, etc. and will be solely identified using it. It indeed is advantageous to companies in several aspects. Here, look at some of them.

Benefits of Trademark

Trademark registrations come along with several advantageous points for the brands, which they need to realize before claiming one. Look into the meticulously researched list and don't miss out to follow an important aspect.

[ 1 ] - Exclusivity

When a company registers for a trademark, they receive the sole proprietorship of the Trademark and can use it anywhere under their brand name. At the same time, the exclusive right prevents others from using it.

[ 2 ] - Trust and goodwill

When you launch a quality product in the market and earn customer's trust, all of it is associated with your Trademark. So, each time they see a product under your Trademark, customers will trust the products and purchase them. This helps build trust and goodwill for the organization in the long run.

[ 3 ] - Business expansion and growth

It is easy to expand the business if you have a registered trademark. In case you need to begin a different vertical for your business for diversification, venturing into a new industry can be challenging. But, with a trademark, the task becomes half easy.

[ 4 ] - Legal protection

It is easier to acquire protection if someone uses your company's brand name or logo that is registered under your Trademark. You can prevent them from using any of them and protect your brand image.

[ 5 ] - Protection against copying threats

If you have an impressive brand image, others might tend to copy the brand name or logo to mislead customers into buying from them. However, that can damage your brand image and create trust issues. This can be prevented with a registered trademark in place.

[ 6 ] - Asset

Trademark registration is considered intellectual property and in turn, can be considered as an asset to the organization. Businesses can assign, sell, or franchise a trademark as per their convenience and requirement. This intangible asset can help organizations in several ways in a competitive market when registered under the government.

[ 7 ] - Brand image and credibility Brand image and credibility are built with the good work of the organizations. The renowned brands like Apple, Nike, Gucci, Adidas, etc. are all trademarks. Besides, it is easier to list your product on well-known e-commerce sites like Amazon if you have registered for Trademark. Considering the several advantages, your business can be protected more if you register for a Trademark. To help you in this venture, here we have explained the process in a simple manner.

Trademark Process

Before beginning the registration of a Trademark, you should collect a few important documents that you might need in the process. Here, make a note of these.

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of business
  • Logo and tagline of the brand
  • Form 48
  • Now, follow the steps mentioned underneath to complete registering for Trademark.

    Step 1 - File application for Trademark Initially, registering for trademarks were possible by visiting the registry office only, which isn't the case anymore. Now, you can apply online by contacting a genuine and affiliated trademark attorney. Once the filing is done, the company will receive an allotment number for their trademark application. This number can then be used to track the application status of Trademark.

    Step 2 - Vienna Codification This international classification is a crucial step and needs to be filled after you have filed for trademark registration.

    Step 3 - Trademark Assessment The Vienna codification process follows this step, wherein an allotted trademark officer examines the trademark application filed by you. They will check and verify the application for the correctness and have the right to either allow or object to the journal publication.

    Step 4 - Objection In case your application is rejected by the Trademark officer, you will need to appear before them for clarifying the objections. The officer may allow publication of the trademark journal if the reasons provided by you are satisfactory. In the other case, the applicant reserves the right to appeal before the Intellectual Property Board.

    Step 5 - Publishing Trademark Journal When the Trademark officer approves the application, a trademark journal will be published containing all the marks proposed and approved. After its publication, the public can object against the Trademark if they find it is hampering their business in any manner. If no such objections are reported within 90 days, the registration of the mark will take place in about 12 weeks. If a third-party objection is called, then both the opposing party and the applicant will need to appear for the hearing with legitimate justification and pieces of evidence. The final decision will be made based on these justifications and evidence.

    Step 6 – Registering Trademark Once the approval is given, and there is no objection, the certificate for trademark registration will be issued to the applicant. Then, you will receive the exclusive rights for the brand name and logo and can use the Trademark TM symbol with the logo. While you are at it, growing your brand globally will require you to develop international recognition. And that can be generated using an international trademark. Learn its and bits of filing a trademark registration in other countries.

    Trademark in Other Countries

    There's no single trademark registration certificate that can work globally for every country. Meaning, if you have registered for a Trademark in India, the rights will not remain exclusive to you in the United States or Russia. For that, you will have to register for an international Trademark certificate for that country.

    Nonetheless, it is possible to register for an international Trademark in multiple countries while registering for it. Companies can plan their business requirements and expansion ideas and can opt to register for Trademark in those countries.


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    Why should you register with Muthirai?


    While the process of Trademark registration might seem to be tedious for individuals, it can become a piece of cake for customers registering a Trademark with Muthirai. Here, look at the advantages you can get with us by your side.

    • Easy pre-filing process One of the significant reasons is the ease offered in the online pre-filing process. With over 20 years of experience and our skilled team of professionals, we have devised software that makes the process quick and easy. Customers will only need to fill up the information on the site. And then, we will provide them with a permanent link wherein every detail of the trademark registration is updated.
    • Transparency Customers will be able to check the updated information and verify them at the same time. This indicates a transparent process while reducing the room for errors and misinterpretations.
    • Automated process With the help of an automated system, we file over 100 trademarks each month while ensuring 100% accuracy. Users are also notified of any updates via message on their registered phone numbers as part of the process.
    • Proposing trademark names

      With numerous businesses in the picture, we make sure to help our customers with the search for available trademark names. They can look for available names and marks and choose the ones which reflect their brand's true identity.

      We aim to help reduce the pain of customers by ensuring they have to invest less time and effort with their trademark registration. In this endeavor, our professional attorneys and automated software play a vital role. Besides, we respect the privacy of the information shared with us and ensures a secure process for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In case your application contains common phrases, words, or is similar to another application, it may get rejected. Other conditions are geographical names or inappropriate religious statements.

    Once you receive the acknowledgment form after filing the trademark application, you are allowed to use the TM symbol.

    No, you can either file the Trademark in your name or the name of your organization depending upon your requirement.

    Any person claiming to be the proprietor of a trademark used or proposed to be used by him/her are commonly eligible for registering trademarks.

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