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Muthirai.com is the intellectual patent services coordinating wing of the well known Chennai based logo and brand designing company, Nikitha.in.

Muthirai in Tamil synonymously refers to identity, legal seal, registration, stamping etc. Muthirai.com is poised to uphold ethical values of creativity leading to business identity and aggressively voices to safeguard all your business.

Trademark registration is very inevitable in all the business concerns. A trademark will mean a name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image, or a combination of these elements. A registered trademark is the exclusive property of the owner of the trademark. There are trademark rules and laws to protect trademarks in India. Muthirai is a trademark registration company in Chennai. Muthirai offers all the solutions for the trademark requirements in Chennai.

Muthirai has been in the trademark registration for many successful years being one of the reliable trademark registration concerns in Chennai. Along with trademark registration services we do all the needful for the company registration. We also render our service of government plot approvals. Our whole team of professionals, who have been in the field quite some time, are very clear about their goals. We call our nature of work as service. It is very apt to say "Trademark Registration Services."



Trade Mark Registration

Muthirai is adequately equipped to provide all the required trademark registration services in Chennai. We guarantee the complete protection of your business.


Company Incorporation

Company registration and incorporation services are also provided by the experts in Muthirai. Muthirai takes care of all the company registration needs.


Building Approval Assistance

Muthirai being a reliable registration company in Chennai meets all the building approval needs. Experienced personnel in Muthirai will provide the Building approval solutions.


Patent & Design Registration

Keep your inventions and ideas safe and secured with the unique patent registration services of Muthirai, a one stop for all the patent registration needs.



Muthirai's copyright attorneys offer creative people wholistic and affordable copyright protection solutions and other legal protection.

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