Copyright protects a creator's creative work and the ownership . Copyright registration protects and alarms the world that you have got the required copyright protection under the Copyright laws in force in the country. Unless you have filed for copyright protection with the Registrar of Copyright Office, you cannot sue anybody for copyright infringment, which has become a common phenomenon in the modern world. It would be a wise idea to file for copyright for the published works within the three months of their publication. Muthirai assures you safe copyright registration services. If you fail to file for copyright in time, you will have to face the following consequences.
Claiming for pre-existing copyright claim to the work.
Claming that you permitted them to use your work.
Claiming that you didn't actually create the work.
Claiming that you stole it from them.

If you want to protect your works, publications or anyother creations, obtain copyright protection under the copyright laws in force. Once your register for copyright in Muthira, India, it will also be is recognized virtually worldwide under the Berne Convention and the applicable law in the nations, which are the members of it. Hence you need not worry about your worldwide protection of the copyrights.

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