Building Approval

The land value has increased dramatically. Land is, actually, valued more than gold these days. Land also plays a major role in the real estate business in Chennai. In many cases people, sometimes, the real estate giants are also cheated by perverts, while buying land. Land approval is very essential to build any structure on it. Muthirai offers you the most reliable land approval solutions in Chennai. We do not want your dream house or projects go down just because you do not have proper land approvals. With the experience in the real estate field for many years, we have learned to offer the best land registration solutions in a short time with genuineness. 

Muthirai deals with all the issues related to the land and plot approval procedures and offers you safe land for building structures. CMDA is the governing body that looks after the formalities regarding the land acquisitions and the land approval systems in the city. The law enforcements are not breached by the genuine land registration process, which is undertaken by us. All the rules and regulations set out by the CMDA and the government is adhered to in the land and plot registration process.

Hence you can be free of any worries regarding the land approval and plot registration processes. As mentioned earlier, we do genuine land registration process and keep the proceedings transparent to the clients. Hence there is no room for foul play. Muthirai will take care of the required land registration proceedings and make you feel happy about the deal that is stricken. Only thing that is required of you is the original certificates. Further proceedings are taken care of by the company itself. 

Muthirai's land registration experts will have discussions in the office related to the land registration requirements. Land approval for all types of constructions will be dealt by us. Be it a house, school, office, apartments, hospitals, etc. All the hurdles are removed by our experts and provide you the safest registered land and plots.

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